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Urban Street Zone


Communit-E Community Project


A MONTHLY percentage of Themskates Communit-E sales distributed to the skating community’s local events, organizations, skate scenes. Every month we will announce where our distributed funds and products will be going. This month of May the support will be going to Urban Street Zone in Brande, Denmark with the donation of 1,000 USD!





For everyone who knows Urban Street Zone, you know that the word community is synonymous with Rune and his entire team. What has been created in Brande, a small town in Denmark, all started in a parking lot with a father supporting his son's passion by building practice rails and boxes to learn on.

Quickly the word spread like wild fire thru the local community and within a few short weeks the parking lot was rammed with young kids and all walks of life.

So rammed, Rune had to quickly develop a plan to create a home for his growing community of young new shredders!

And this is what we now know as the coolest, largest, Inline skater operated skate park in Denmark!

That’s exactly what this community project is all about. Developing projects to help grow and expand our already amazing community. So that all styles of people, have a place to flourish and grow into who they want to be.

In a few short years this has grown in the new home for the next generation of Danish bladers and bladies. We run sustainable summer camp programs which involve much more than just skating. We include yoga, meditation, healthy living and other sustainable concepts at an early age. As well as sessions held every few days at the park which are 20-30 bladers strong and growing!

Urban Street Zone has been doing this now for a few years and we are happy to work together and contribute to the already strong and growing, community project.

The previous 5 months have been very difficult as the skatepark as the community has been shut down, the bills piling up and kids stuck in their homes, the entire project was nearly lost.



Now more than ever we invite you to donate whatever you can to help keep this great community going.

And to support the Communit-E Project!

Donations can be made at anytime with PayPal, click on the Donate button below or if you're in Denmark with MobilePay to 79377!